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Review of the SIC Maui FX12 and Fish 9'5"


A Canadian review while in Hawaii of the SIC Maui FX12'6" and the Fish 9'5"

Paddle Sport Performance went to Maui, Hawaii to visit the SIC Maui shop and see first hand some of the great ideas they have!!  Out of respect for their craftsmanship and forward thinking designs we opted to NOT take any photos in the shop.  You will have to take our word that there are some great ideas/projects at the shop!!  

Probably the one thing that blew me away was a 2 piece custom built race board based on the FX series but with some small customizations so that the NYC customer could take it apart and either bring it on the subway but more importantly get it up his elevator and into his apartment.

Could this be the future of inflatables? Take-apart hard boards?

Just think of the possibilities for racers around the world!!!

Andres took time out of his busy day to walk us around and explain the SIC Maui approach to innovation and design construction.  Talking with him you could see his passion about everything they do there and his commitment to excellence.  Meeting people like this always helps make our decision easier to expand our relationships with the brand.  Of course we have to thank Brad who helped make all of this happen and has been a great contact as we expand our line of SIC Maui boards in Toronto. Thank you again Brad and Andres!!

After the tour we decided on taking the FX 12 prototype and the Fish 9'5".  I mean how could we not take the prototype and try it out!!

Both these boards are incredibly light and stiff. 

That afternoon conditions were ugly messy due to 50 kph winds but we decided we could not wait to get on these boards.  Once we hit the water with them you could notice that SIC Maui knows their waters!!

My first impression was that the boards felt "corky" but then I realized that this was salty ocean water so it just took some time to get used to that buoyancy.

We took them back out early morning the next day and that is when we got a chance to really try them out.  Winds were light for Maui (20 kph) and there was light chop.  Even though the FX12 is a bit light for me volume wise, I could feel that the board accelerated nicely and slide into the bumps easily  This can also be proven by the two other riders who found the board a delight to paddle downwind.  They noticed an immediate increased stability once going with the waves and wind even if it was hitting them on their quarter they never even noticed a difference!!

I can't wait for the FX14 to arrive at the shop next month so we can really get to play with it!!!

The Fish was a fun little board to paddle, but unfortunately there was no clean surf either day.  We are expecting a nice swell to hit the north side on Friday so maybe that will be it's day to shine before taking it back to SIC Maui.  It is a great board as I and both of my boys loved it for pure paddling, which makes me think that it is the PERFECT board for a family person to get as their "go to Lake Ontario SUP surf  board" but yet let the kids use it too for family paddles.  It is a WIN - WIN board!

Photos and videos will come as we continue to test the boards this week.

Thanks SIC Maui!!

We have already ordered our FX boards and I can tell you know that these will be sold out just based on what I am feeling on the board here in Maui.

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